Wildlife + Nature 


There’s no doubt that the Ottawa Valley is most known for its spectacular wildlife + nature ♥

Did you know there are over 900 lakes, 4 major river systems and more than 400 species of animals who live here? We are so incredibly fortunate to have so many opportunities to learn, grow and explore.

It’s easy to get lost in the ever changing fast pace of society. SO easy, that we sometimes overlook the very thing that’s gotten us to where we are today. We need to do what we can to protect and preserve this beautiful outdoor playground that we are so fortunate to call home.

That is why by combining our passion for coffee and nature we are able to do our part by donating a portion of every sale  to support Wildlife and preserve Nature in the Ottawa Valley ←

We can do better!

Causes That We Support

→ Friends of Algonquin Park 

Algonquin Park has always been a big part of our lives growing up in the Ottawa Valley. The park sees over 800,000 visitors from around the world each year and is an immense economic driver for the Ottawa Valley and its surrounding areas. Friends of Algonquin Park is dedicated to furthering educational and interpretive programs within Algonquin Provincial Park.

Their current research includes Black Bear, Wolf and Wood Turtle Research amongst many others.

Being passionate about our home and recognizing the importance of maintaining one of Canada’s natural reserves, we’ve decided that a portion of every sale will be directly donated to this non-profit Canadian registered charity ♥

For more information on causes that they support visit: http://www.algonquinpark.on.ca/foap/