Behind the Roast: Unveiling the Artistry of Drum Roasting in Our Roastery

Behind the Roast: Unveiling the Artistry of Drum Roasting in Our Roastery

In the heart of our roastery, the rhythmic hum of our drum roaster orchestrates a symphony of flavors. Join us on a journey behind the scenes as we unveil the artistry of drum roasting—where every bean dances to perfection, delivering the rich and nuanced profiles that define our signature coffees.

1. The Drum Roaster: An Instrument of Precision

At the core of our roastery lies our drum roaster, a meticulously crafted instrument designed to elevate the coffee bean to its fullest potential. The process begins with the loading of green coffee beans into the rotating drum—a vessel of transformation that ensures an even roast from every angle.

2. The Dance of Heat: Roasting Begins

As the drum rotates, the beans embark on a dance with controlled heat. The initial phase, often referred to as the drying phase, gently removes moisture from the beans, setting the stage for the complex chemical reactions that will unfold.

3. The Maillard Reaction: Unveiling the Colors and Aromas

Enter the Maillard reaction—the magical interplay of amino acids and sugars that gifts each bean its distinctive color and aroma. The drum roaster, with its precision temperature control, guides this reaction to perfection, unveiling the spectrum of flavors locked within the coffee beans.

4. Monitoring the Crack: From First to Second

The journey through roasting is punctuated by the audible crack—the first and second cracks signaling the evolving characteristics of the beans. The drum roaster allows our roasters to delicately navigate these stages, ensuring a fine balance between preserving origin nuances and achieving the desired roast level.

5. Cool Down: Sealing in the Flavor Symphony

As the beans reach their peak, it’s time to cool down. The drum roaster seamlessly transitions from intense heat to cooling, locking in the flavors and ensuring a consistent and harmonious cup in every batch.

Crafting a Symphony in Every Sip

Our drum roaster is not just a machine; it’s the maestro in our coffee symphony. From the careful selection of beans to the final cool-down, each step is a testament to our commitment to crafting coffees that resonate with depth, richness, and the unique flavors of their origin. Join us in savoring the artistry of drum roasting—a journey that transforms every cup into a symphony for the senses. ☕🥁🎶

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