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Ottawa Valley Roast House

Backcountry Coffee Bundle

Backcountry Coffee Bundle

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Introducing the "Backcountry Coffee Bundle," a must-have companion for adventurers seeking a gourmet coffee experience amidst the wilderness. Crafted for the backcountry coffee enthusiast, this bundle combines convenience, portability, and exceptional flavor to elevate your outdoor brews to new heights.

Included in this bundle are:

  • 1x 70g Bag of Paddler's Portage Medium Roast Coffee: Expertly roasted to perfection, these freshly roasted coffee beans boast a medium roast profile, delivering a harmonious balance of flavor and aroma.
  • 1x 70g Bag of Algonquin Campfire Dark Roast Coffee: Immerse yourself in the rich, bold flavors of the Algonquin wilderness with this dark roast coffee. Perfectly suited for chilly nights by the campfire, its robust profile will warm your soul with every sip.
  • 1x 70g Bag of Happy Camper Medium Roast Coffee: Embrace the joy of outdoor exploration with this medium roast coffee, crafted to inspire smiles and moments of pure bliss amidst nature's beauty.
  • 1x Manual Coffee Grinder: This minimalist stainless steel hand grinder is the ultimate companion for the backcountry coffee aficionado. Lightweight and compact, it effortlessly transforms whole coffee beans into freshly ground perfection, ensuring a flavorful brew wherever your adventures take you.

Compact, lightweight, and bursting with flavor, the Backcountry Coffee Bundle is your ticket to gourmet coffee indulgence in the great outdoors. Whether you're trekking through rugged terrain or lounging by the campfire, savor every moment with the perfect cup of backcountry brew.

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