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Ottawa Valley Roast House

Paddler's Portage Gift Bundle - Coffee & Travel Mug

Paddler's Portage Gift Bundle - Coffee & Travel Mug

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Introducing "The Paddler's Portage Gift Bundle," a curated selection of essentials for outdoor enthusiasts, packaged with love in the heart of the Ottawa Valley. Nestled in a beautiful kraft paper box, accented with organic cedar shavings for a rustic touch, this bundle includes:

  • 340g bag of Paddler's Portage Coffee: Choose between Whole Bean or Medium Ground, crafted to perfection for the adventurous spirit. Each sip embodies the essence of the wilderness, fueling your outdoor pursuits with robust flavor and rich aroma.
  • 15oz Vacuum Paddler's Portage Travel Mug: Designed for the modern explorer, this durable travel mug ensures your favorite brew stays hot on every journey. With its sleek design and dependable insulation, it's the perfect companion for paddling adventures or cozy campfire nights.

Embrace the spirit of exploration and elevate your outdoor experience with "The Paddler's Portage Gift Bundle." Whether you're navigating tranquil waters or trekking through rugged terrain, this thoughtfully curated collection is sure to fuel your passion for adventure.

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